About the Artist

Dan Crandall-Watercolorist and Digital Artist

Watercolor has always been a beguiling medium. Paint mixes with water in unpredictable ways, creating endless ‘happy accidents.’ Watercolor paper is another essential part of this mixture, lending its whiteness, texture and subtle absorbency to the end result. I have been hooked on watercolor since high school, for reasons that are hard to define.

Then there is digital art, which is as different from watercolor as it can possibly be. Here are pixels on an illuminated screen, programmed electronically. The magic of digital software gives the artist free rein to achieve amazing effects that are only limited by one’s imagination.

Perhaps both mediums intrigue me because they appeal to completely different sides of my creative muse. They counter-balance each other.

Garden of the Gods – Watercolor

Metamorphic – Digital